The use of our products is meant to help you focus and tune in deeply into a meditative state of mind. Whether you choose to listen to our binaural products and therefore benefit from the brain wave entrainment process; or by simply listening to the relaxing sounds of nature, you are setting up a very positive environment to conduct your meditations. You are creating the right outer conditions for an appropriate and repeatable amount of time that you consciously dedicate to turn your attention inward and engage in contemplative practice. The creation and consolidation of this habit will benefit your life in ways beyond your imagination.

This approach of sound-assisted meditation can bring about great benefits to your state of awareness and overall health, when used continuously (we recommend a daily 30-minute meditation session for effects to start taking place after 2 – 4 months), some of which are:

  • Whole-brain thinking / whole-brain functioning
  • Enhanced learning ability, concentration, creativity and intuition
  • Abandonment of negative mental and emotional patterns; from fear and sadness, to violent or addictive behaviors
  • Development and understanding of the true sense of Self
  • Increase of self esteem and release of self limitation
  • Enhanced ability to cope with stress