Binaural Beats and the Solar System

In this page we explain the relationship between brain entrainment and the characteristics of the celestial bodies chosen for our audio tracks. You will learn how the planets offer a hidden choice of very precise and natural musical tones and binaural frequencies with a direct connection to the cosmic movements that govern in the solar system.

In the article about brain stimulation and the function of binaural beats we explain how certain brainwaves can be excited and entrained. However, a precise frequency within these ranges must be selected, since the brainwave ranges Alpha, Theta and Delta form a relatively wide spectrum.

Which exact binaural frequency to use?

Many authors of binaural beat tracks choose binaural frequencies relatively arbitrarily, for example 10.0 Hz. Even though the number 10 seems round and natural, it has no inherent natural significance when representing a frequency measured in Hertz. The unit Hertz is derived from the unit Second, which is itself based on an arbitrary number of cycles of the radioactive decay of the cesium-133 atom, an atom few even heard of.

The cesium-133 atom is practical for keeping time, but not very inspirational for meditation. This is why choosing a seemingly round number for a tone or a beat is as arbitrary as choosing the cesium-133 atom to define the duration of what we call a second. We believe it is better to select frequencies that are not arbitrary, not man-made, but that can be observed from the phenomena that have been occurring naturally in our surroundings during all of our evolutionary process.

Observing the natural cycles

Some of the most obvious natural cycles, which always remain constant, are the rotation cycles of the celestial bodies in our solar system, including the Earth. Even though these cycles are too slow to produce a hearable tone or beat, an equivalent frequency within the range of human perception can be easily deduced (see side note). The 17-century Astronomer Johann Kepler was a pioneer in the area known today as Psycho-acoustics (how tones affect our mind) and he dedicated much of his life to the study of observable frequencies in the universe with music-like properties. Kepler was also a devoted Christian and philosopher; he considered the tones he derived from the planets to be “Archetypes of the Soul”, and documented his findings in the famous 1619 publication Harmonices Mundi, or the Music of the Spheres.

Not only the binaural beats used in our products are deduced in this manner, but also so are the carrier frequencies used to produce them. The archetypes of the soul first observed by Kepler are in this manner literally embedded in our meditation tracks. For example, the Earth completes an orbit around the Sun every 365.25 days, at a rate of approx. 3.17 x 10-8 cycles per second. This frequency is related to the Alpha beat of 8.51 Hz, the Theta beat of 4.25 Hz and the carrier tone-pair centered at 136.1 Hz (a tone between a C and a C#, also known as the sound of OM).

The basic rotation frequencies of the celestial bodies in our solar system yield the operating tones and binaural beats used in our recordings. In this way you can enjoy fundamentally natural sounds in a wide range of choices, from the low Delta brainwave frequency of 1.97 Hz, related to our Sun, to the high Alpha beat of 13.83 Hz related to the planet Venus.

Side Note: From revolving planets to music

“Everything is vibration”. This statement is one of the most amazing discoveries of modern physics. This truth is the more obvious when applied to the definition of tones, beats, planetary orbits and anything that repeats itself in constant cycles. A slow vibration (from 1 to 10 Hz) is perceived as a beat; faster vibrations (between 20 Hz and 20 KHz) are perceived by our hearing system as tones.

Just like a man and a woman can sing along the same melody simultaneously, but in different octaves, any fundamental frequency can be transposed to a higher octave without loosing its characteristic “key”. That is how very slow cycles, like those of rotating planets, can be represented as audible beats and tones, while keeping the intrinsic quality that makes this frequency special unharmed. All you have to do is simply double the frequency successively, until it can be perceived by human senses.