Brainwave Basics

In order to understand the effect of binaural beats you need to understand the basics of brainwave patterns and their associated states of mind or “moods”.

The human brain is composed of several hundred billion nerve cells, which generate electrical impulses that fluctuate rhythmically in distinct patterns. These patterns can be measured using an Electroencephalogram, and have been categorized in four large ranges.

Table 1 below displays the four patterns of brainwave activity with their repetition cycle ranges (in Hz) and associated states of consciousness.

30 Hz

14 Hz



Higher range: euphoria, anxiety, unease

Lower range: concentration, arousal, alertness, cognition


8 Hz


pre-sleep, pre-waking transition

Higher range: relaxed focus

Lower range: deep relaxation, super learning, light trance
Advanced meditators begin to access the unconscious mind


4 Hz


REM sleep

Higher range: increased learning, memory and creativity

Lower range:   integral holistic experiences, trance Advanced meditators access the unconscious mind fully


0.1 Hz


dreamless sleep

Higher range: activation of the human growth hormone

Lower range: loss of body awareness, deep trance
Advanced meditators access the collective unconsciousness

Table 1: Brainwave patterns and their associated states of consciousness