Our Method

Our Binaural Beat Methods

In this page we explain the different technical methods we employ in the creation of our audio tracks. Remember that all of our tracks require the use of stereo headphones, for the binaural audio technique to function. We use six different features in our recordings:

  1. Binaural pure tones: the basic and most powerful brain entrainment tool
  2. Harmonics: pleasant musical chords that enhance the effectiveness of the audio tracks
  3. Frequency sweep: allow your brain to slowly get used to the lower brain waves
  4. Monaural/Binaural oscillation: allows the binaural beat to be consciously perceivable at times
  5. Multiband transformation: convert background sounds to binaural content in every relevant frequency to further enhance the brain entrainment effectiveness
  6. Rhythmic trance: combines binaural beats with a matching drum rhythm, the ancient way to induce trance-like states of mind

The basics

All of our meditation tracks include the basic technique to create a desired binaural beat: two similar frequencies centered at a given carrier frequency are routed to the extreme left and right channels of the stereo pair. The difference between the left and right frequencies is unconsciously created by the brain and corresponds to the binaural beat.

Most our beats and carriers relate to a fundamental natural tone, as explained in the section “Binaural Beats and the Solar System”. For details refer to the descriptions accompanying each track.


Some tracks include one or more overtones relative to the lowest carrier frequency, around which the same binaural frequency is created. An overtone or harmonic is a multiple of the base frequency, and this pure mathematical relation makes us perceive the resulting interval as particularly pleasing.

We use overtone intervals such as the fifth and the third in our tracks. These intervals are the building blocks of the major scale. For example in the C key, the intervals represent E (third) and G (fifth).

Frequency Sweep

In order to slowly ease the lowering of the brainwave activity to the desired goal, the concept of sweeping is employed in most of our recordings. For details refer to the descriptions accompanying each track.

This is particularly helpful, when attempting to reach lower brainwave ranges, such as Theta or Delta. In these cases we start the track with a binaural beat of 10 Hz, which we gradually lower for a number of minutes, until the desired beat is reached.

Monaural – Binaural Oscillation

Monaural beats are created due to wave interference when two similar frequencies occupy the same physical space. The beat then becomes consciously audible.

We use this technique in our pure aural tracks (those without additional sounds). The desired beat is presented in their monaural and binaural forms in an alternating manner. This creates an extra effort for the brain to process the binaural representation of the tones, every time the monaural sound fades away.

Multiband Binaural Transformation

With this powerful method we are able to transform any ambient filling sound into a binaural version of the same audio file.

Audio samples of background sounds, such as the sound of ocean waves or of gentle rain are processed digitally to produce the correct binaural difference in the stereo sum in every frequency component of the entire audible spectrum, by applying a mathematical transformation in the frequency domain.

The result is a powerful binaural brain entrainment tool, which operates in an infinite number of frequencies simultaneously. The graph below shows the left (red) and right (green) channels of a snapshot of one of our audio tracks using this technology. It can be seen that every frequency component in the logarithmic scale is shifted by the same binaural frequency.

Rhythmic Trance

Sounds and beats have been used to invoke transcendental experiences by many different cultures throughout history. A constant drum beat can also excite certain lower brainwaves when played or listened to for longer periods.

We feature several rhythmic audio tracks that combine binaural beats with matching rhythmic beats to boost the brain entrainment experience.