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It has been my personal quest for several years to attempt to uncover precise and significant frequencies that can help us transcend our inadequacies, our fears, our traumas or their manifestation in physical symptoms. As a musician and sound engineer, and as a believer in the non-material reality of our universe, I have always been drawn to the power of sound and music for inner transformation, what ultimately lead to the creation of this website. All of the products in this website are created with a real necessity and are always first tested on myself. If I am content with the outcome, the products are then shared with the rest of the world. Charging a small amount of money for the final products makes the site self-sustainable in the long run, which is a good thing. However, on a couple of occasions people have written to me to personally ask for a track free of charge for a specific reason, and I have given them out for free.

As my understanding of the role of tones in the human psyche and spirituality matures, it becomes ever clearer to me that the key factor here is Intent. I write it with a capital I, because I want to emphasize it is a special, sacred kind of intent. I have come to understand that tones can be imbued with Intent, in a process that is still unknown to science, but which resembles Masaru Emoto's experiments with water crystals. In that sense the tone, regardless of the chosen frequency, becomes a carrier of information. Nevertheless, we must choose a frequency in order produce a physical tone, which imbued with Intent can interact in our physical world, that is resonate inside our ear drums, inside or body cavities, organs and cells. By carefully and consciously choosing a certain frequency, the imprint of the Intent becomes deeper. In other words, the actual frequency I choose is not so important, but if I carefully choose it based on a plausible system and free of self-interest, if I spend a considerable amount of effort and time in choosing a certain frequency over another with the clear purpose of increasing the transmission success, then the main Intent, which is the important part, gets imprinted more forcefully.

For this to work well, however, it is paramount that we keep the Intent sacred. There can be no deception and no conflict of interests from a cosmic perspective. Track producers should not create a false myth in order to make your story sound believable and fantastic, as is my opinion the case with the so-called “Solfeggio Frequencies”. But even if your own intent is pure, these frequencies will work for you, perhaps by overwriting intent fragments of deception with true and therefore stronger Intent coming from you. Similarly, you can’t expect for an intent, which is not altruistic in nature to manifest in your reality, i.e. by wishing for something that would be welcomed by your ego but negatively affect others. This would constitute an immediate cosmic contradiction, since all beings in the cosmos are one, and we either all get better, or all get worse together. In such cases the Higher Consciousness would categorize the “request” as self-contradictory and simply ignore it.

With all of this in mind I have created a new set of self-help tracks, which I want to call Sounds of Sacred Intent.

In order to be able to focus your Intention to a concentrated area you want to work on, I have carefully chosen a frequency for each of the 7 vortices of energy in the body, known as chakras. As stated above, the mapping itself of tones with chakras is not critical. The important factor is that they were carefully chosen without self-interest and in a non-arbitrary way. So by mapping them carefully, there is an initial Intent of increasing the carrying capacity of information. The method is as follows: match the frequencies to the chakras based on ascending notes of the natural (harmonic), heptatonic scale centered at A=432 Hz and starting with the note C = 128 Hz for the first chakra. The relevance of the chosen A=432 Hz diapason can be read here. The most important part of the production is then the recording of the Intent. I purposefully record an altruistic Intent for each area of focus, then mix this audio in an inaudible way with the rest of the music. The reason for the affirmation being left inaudible is that most people find the looped voice to interfere with the ability to concentrate or to reach a deep meditative state. This however does not affect the power of the Intent itself, which is in no less way imprinted in the track. The message is general enough, that it won’t exclude someone’s specific expectations. If you want a personalized affirmation, audible or not, please read about our customized tracks and let us know what you want. All of our tracks feature an inaudible, continuous loop with the following affirmations:





Application in the physical body

Application in the mental body


Sound Frequency (Hz)

Sacred Intent imprinted in Sound


Root Chakra

Base of spine

Stool issues, colon, sexual organs

Insecurity, death drive, fear of death, fight-or-flight reactions, letting go, release of early-life traumas, sexuality issues, hoarding tendencies, eating disorders


128, 256

"I am safe, I am grounded"


Sacral Chakra

Below the navel

Female reproductive organs, intestines, bladder (elimination organs)

Basic emotional needs, general sadness, addiction, sexual issues, lack of joy, lack of creativity, low self esteem, feeling of being misunderstood and misjudged


144, 288

"I am pure, I am innocent"


Solar Plexus Chakra

Stomach region

Metabolic and digestive systems, liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, diaphragm

Violence, aggressiveness, ego trips, control issues, grieving, opinion formation, introversion, powerlessness, identity crisis, jealousy, greed


160, 320

"I am unique, I am independent, I am balanced,  I am at peace"


Heart Chakra

Heart region

Immune system, endocrine system, circulation, lungs, thymus, heart

Stress issues, complex emotions, lack of compassion, emotional unbalance, feelings of rejection


171, 341

"I deserve to love and be loved, I am Love"


Throat Chakra

Throat region

Speech, metabolism, thyroid, throat

Expression, communication issues, learning disabilities, difficulty to control thought, opinion formation, inability to speak up or shut up, chronic lying, "know-it-all" complex


192, 384

"I can speak up when appropriate, I can say no with love and authority, I am Truth"


Third Eye Chakra

Between eyebrows

Eyes, ears, brain, pituitary gland, sleeping issues

Duality issues, lack of empathy, trust issues (also self-trust), inability to calm the mind, faith issues


216, 432

"I am a transcendent being,  I am Consciousness"


Crown Chakra

Crown of the head (not in the body)


Release of Karma, preparation for death


241, 482

"I am That, I Am"

How to use the Sounds of Sacred Intent:

The careful way, in which the Sounds of Sacred Intent are produced, is only half the job. In order for them to effect the desired result, you the listener must actively work to get synchronized with the Intent. Think of the listening session as a sacred space in a therapeutic setting. Make time and find a quiet place free from distractions. Close your eyes and free your mind of all negative thoughts. Free your mind also of your daily preoccupations and of your future to-do list. Focus your mind on the imprinted Intent in the track being listened to. Feel free to elaborate with your own specific intentions, but keep them as general and altruistic as possible. The unconscious is often so tricky, that if you get too specific and the intention is slightly off, it will be ignored. For instance if you just ask to be cured of your illness, the request might be ignored, because you have other issues, that must be resolved first. Instead, ask to be prepared for healing; your body will do the rest.

Download the Sacred Intent Tracks here  

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