Custom-made Binaural Beats

We now offer the service of providing you with your own custom-engineered Binaural Beat audio track!
Just write to us via our Contact page and include the following parameter selection:

  • Target binaural frequency in Hz (the Binaural Beat you want to dominate in the track)
  • Carrier frequency in Hz or as musical tone, e.g. C# (the tone that carries the Binaural Beat)
  • Frequency sweep, yes or no (whether you want the track to start at a higher Binaural Beat frequency and then progressively decrease until reaching the target)
  • Background track sound (choose from our library of Nature Sounds, or provide us with your own track)
  • If you choose a background track: Audible or inaudible Binaural Beat carrier
  • Total track duration in minutes

You can be as detailed as you wish, we will make every effort to accommodate your specifications. You can also leave some parameters to the experts' choice. Once we have received your request, we will process it and send you a price quote, along with further instructions on payment and track download. The same Terms of Use apply with the customized tracks as with any other product from our website. A License Extension is possible, if you intend to use these products in any other form as solely privately. Please specify if you are interested in a License Extension.


Below you find samples of some of the tracks designed exclusively for our clients:

Customized Tracks Sampling Station

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