Sounds of Nature

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“Nature is an intelligent system endowed with meaning and purpose that is concerned with evolving more complex life-forms and a higher level of consciousness”
-Viktor Schauberger

We have carefully prepared these audio tracks with high-quality sounds of the most pristine natural habitats in the protected forests of Costa Rica. The long durations of most our tracks (20 - 30 minutes) makes them ideal for meditation and relaxation sessions.

Very little edits and no loops (repeating a little sound fragment over and over to get a lengthy track) are employed in these tracks, unless explicitly stated in the product details. The music was recorded on-site with love and with patience, as the sounds of water, wind, waves, birds, insects and other creatures occurred, while we sat in a meditative state of reverence in order to capture them.

Allow the serenity and wisdom of these virtual oases to flood your consciousness and raise your awareness. Close your eyes and let yourself be immersed in the bounty and peace of these holy corners of our world, untampered by human development, untouched by pollution of any kind.

Convert your living room into a refuge to restore your soul. Let go of your daily worries and dedicate a few moments of reunion with and reverence to our Mother Earth.