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My interest for brain entertainment technology and, in particular, binaural beats started as I began to explore different approaches to support and deepen my own meditation sessions.

I found the science behind binaural beats and their impact in the state of one’s awareness truly fascinating, but at the same time I thought the derived audio technology should be better explained to the public and binaural audio tracks made more easily available to the seekers of Truth everywhere. Thus the idea of TranscendentalTones® was born! In the pages of our website we attempt to better explain how the binaural beat audio technology actually works and offer a wider range of audio files that are downloadable directly from our site for its immediate enjoyment, at a fraction of the ordinary cost.

Our wish at TranscendentalTones® is that you enjoy listening to our binaural tracks as much as we did producing them for you. Have a deep, healing and transcendental meditation session!

With kind regards,

The TranscendentalTones® management

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Audio Specs

All our tracks are high-quality audio with the following specifications:

mp3: 256 kbps
wav: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz or 24-bit, 48kHz

The bitrate chosen to encode our quality mp3 files is high enough for the binaural characteristics to remain unaffected, so that you can enjoy the full benefits of our featured brain entrainment methods by just downloading them online comfortably and immediately.


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