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The Sun

The Sun
Period: based on the gravitational limit

The Sun is the gravitational center in our solar system, as well as the center of energy in form of heat and light. The frequency of the sun was derived from Kepler’s third law of planetary motion, which states that the ratio of the square of the revolution period to the cube of the major orbital axis’s, is the same for all planets. The limit of this relation in the solar system is framed by the speed of light. The corresponding mean distance from the sun of such a theoretical orbit is called the gravitational limit.

The tone of the Sun, transposed to the human auditory range induces a feeling of centeredness. It represents the transcendental, the state beyond all dualities.

Listen to samples of the Sun's audio tracks in our  Sun Sampling Station

Sun_Alpha.mp3 Pure binaural tones, Low Alpha range Product Details
Sun_Alpha_Fire.mp3 Binaural tones under ambience sound, Low Alpha range Product Details
Sun_Theta.mp3 Pure binaural tones, Low Theta range Product Details
Sun_Theta_Fire.mp3 Binaural tones under ambience sound, Low Theta range Product Details
Sun_Delta.mp3 Pure binaural tones, Delta range Product Details

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