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The Schumann Resonance

The Schumann resonance is another key frequency that occurs naturally in our planet. Simply stated it is a resonant frequency of planet earth. In this respect, it is a constant pulsation that, as opposed to the frequencies associated to the planets in the solar system in our first product category, it does not have anything to do with a planet's cyclic rotation around the sun, but rather it is an intrinsic quality of the body mass we live on.

In order to understand this we can think of common objects, which have a very obvious resonant frequency, for example the string of a guitar, whose resonant frequency is the note it vibrates at, a wine glass, which can be made resonate by rubbing a finger along its top, or a pendulum, which swings at a constant rate depending on its length.

More complex objects may have one or several resonant frequencies. In the case of the Schumann frequency, lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere excite certain global electromagnetic resonances, of which one of the most notorious is the one at 7.83 Hz, and it is named after Winfried Otto Schumann, who predicted it mathematically in 1952.

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Schumann_Trance_7.83Hz.mp3 Binaural tones under rhythmic/musical track, Low Alpha / high Theta range Product Details
Schumann_Alpha_River.mp3 Binaural tones under ambience sound, Low Alpha / High Theta range Product Details
High Theta Training 7.83.mp3 Binaural tones under quiet ambience sound, Low Alpha / High Theta range Product Details
7.83 Hz Schumann Drum Circle.mp3 Binaural tones under rhythmic track, Low Alpha / high Theta range Product Details
7.83 Hz Schumann Journey.mp3 Binaural tones under Monochord sound, Low Alpha / High Theta range Product Details

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