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Binaural & Rhythmic Tracks

Since ancient times rhythm has been an integral part of every culture in the world. It has been used with special importance in rituals and ceremonies. There is a good reason for this.

Rhythm was the original way to induce specific brainwave activity in the brain, and its associated states of consciousness. Its repetitive patterns and the deep frequency of the drums used provokes trancic states well understood by shamans and spiritual leaders in all cultures.

How Rhythm and Binaural Beats work together

Every binaural beat can be associated to a regular (monaural) beat. The pace of a beat or rhythm is expressed in BPM, or beats per minute. This refers to how many quarter-note beats happen in one minute.

Depending on how the rhythm is structured, it may contain quarter notes, eight notes and/or sixteenth notes. Depending on which of these you place a particular emphasis on while listening, the resulting active beat is calculated as follows:

Quarter notes: Binaural beat in Hz = BPM / 60

Eighth notes: Binaural beat in Hz = BPM x 2 / 60

Sixteenth notes: Binaural beat in Hz = BPM x 4 / 60

These audio tracks combine the use of binaural tones with the corresponding (sixteenth note) rhythmic beat, thereby enhancing the power of the combined overall active beat of the song.

 Listen to samples of the Binaural & Rhythmic audio tracks in our Binaural & Rhythmic Sampling Station

Prices apply for standard-licensed, private use. If you intend to use these sounds commercially or publicly, contact us to find out about our license-extension packages.

Schumann_Trance_7.83Hz.mp3 Binaural tones under rhythmic/musical track, Low Alpha / high Theta range Product Details
Aldea_5.87Hz.mp3 Binaural tones under rhythmic/musical track, Theta range Product Details
1.45Hz Human Heart Beat Entrainment.mp3 Binaural tones under bells and the sound of water, Delta range Product Details
7.83 Hz Schumann Drum Circle.mp3 Binaural tones under rhythmic track, Low Alpha / high Theta range Product Details